Professional Toastmaster – John (Ian) Boyle

Wedding Toastmaster – John (Ian) Boyle pictured in a red tailcoat and white tie will add a touch of class to all those special occasions. Ensuring that your wedding runs smoothly and seamlessly whilst allowing you and your guests to enjoy the occasion – safe in the knowledge that you have a professional who delivers all you wish for during your special day.

The Role of a Toastmaster...

A Toastmaster can assist with all aspects of your special day from organising the guests to helping with writing the speeches, if required. The Toastmasters ensures that your day runs smoothly by co–ordinating and managing the proceedings; welcoming guests, assisting the photographer, liaising with the venue staff, ensuring the bridal party are informed of their roles and that the day runs to schedule. A Toastmaster will concentrate 100% to ensure your day runs as planned so you can relax and enjoy yourself.

The best preparation/organisation (we are human) slight glitches can and do occur. A professional Toastmaster can oversee the entire day ensuring the day runs smoothly. Employing a Toastmaster at your wedding can turn a special day into an extremely memorable one!